The Old Stuff

In the days of the old prairie, its perennial members reveled in dormancy and cast their seeds with a starry eye and a mind full of hope toward the next vernal season. Returning each growing season only from seed, those with a monocarpic life cycle, such as the obligate annuals, have no rooted memory of […]

Restoring what once was

Oftentimes in the realm of ecological restoration, you will hear some people talk about restoring an ecosystem to its “pre-settlement conditions.”  This is somewhat of a narrow-minded approach, as those conditions represent only a moment in time, specifically, the conditions as seen by the settlers.  In the case of prairie restorations, as Chris Helzer wrote, […]

The most endangered ecosystem in the world

And also the least protected and least understood, more so than the Tropical Rainforests, is the North American Tallgrass Prairie, of which, less than 1% remains (not sure why the video below shows the figure as 4%). Without fire, the prairie and all of its associated processes, scenery, seasonal beauty, wildlife (including insects), would not […]