Prairie Reconstruction – Addendum

Addendum to “An Attempt at Prairie Reconstruction” While a typical prairie reconstruction in tallgrass regions generally involves more or less a hands-off approach for the first few years, followed by a burn during the 3rd or 4th year, I took the unconventional route of mowing the second year prairie down to bare soil just before […]

An Attempt at Prairie Reconstruction

As a backyard prairie begins its second birthday, I anxiously await warming soil temperatures that will signal the growth of what has established and what arrives and germinates in the bare inter-spaces first. I have hope against the dreaded invasive Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon), as its runners have thinned severely and rooted less along the total […]

The Vernal Desert

In Texas the beloved and common indicator of springtime’s arrival is the Bluebonnet.  The wildflower is also the hallmark of spring road trips in the state. There are six species of these members of the genus Lupine in the state and all are considered to be the state flower (state law also grants that any […]

The Old Stuff

In the days of the old prairie, its perennial members reveled in dormancy and cast their seeds with a starry eye and a mind full of hope toward the next vernal season. Returning each growing season only from seed, those with a monocarpic life cycle, such as the obligate annuals, have no rooted memory of […]

Up the Hill

In the northwest corner of Brewster County, a six hundred acre terrestrial behemoth of the southern Davis Mountains rises some 500 feet up out of the aeons old semi-desert basin, creating a sentinel landmark for travelers, a place of hiking and botanical explorations, wildlife viewing, and scenic ogling.