The need for new wildland fire shelters

Bill Gabbert, at Wildfire Today, wrote a post about fire shelters titled, “Hope for a better shelter”. A company called SunSeeker Enterprises, is currently in the early stages of designing a new wildland fire shelter with much better protection than current shelters can offer.  Until then, hear and see what the company in the video […]

Fire, wolves, mountains, and a guest essay

I recently read author Philip Connor‘s latest published essay, “Smoke”, and as usual, it’s a great read.  Connors is currently in his 11th season as a fire lookout, stationed in a Civilian Conservation Corps-era fire tower in the Black Range of the Gila National Forest near Kingston, New Mexico.  Suffice it to say, he has a […]

Yarnell Hill Fire

No doubt many of you have heard the sad news of the multiple wildland firefighter fatalities (19 out of 20 perished) that occurred on the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona on Sunday.  My immediate reaction was, “Damn, another South Canyon tragedy.”

The coolest university fire classes in the country!

I wish more schools had programs like the one shown below, because you just can’t beat that kind of experience early on.  It would create an increase in a postive fire culture, helping people to realize that fire is a good thing in terrestrial ecosystems, and could help decrease the prescribed burning backlog that many […]

Tuning Into Fire Frequency

Originally posted on The Prairie Ecologist:
HOW OFTEN SHOULD PRAIRIES BE BURNED? It’s a question prairie ecologists and managers have been wrestling with for many years.  Unfortunately, research on the impacts of fire management is somewhat limited and often contradictory.  Much of the best research has come from Konza Prairie in the flint hills of…

“Catastrophic” wildfires

Every summer, we’ve come to expect nightly news reports of “catastrophic” wildlfires in the Western US.  News segments show trees blackened their entire height, with not an ounce of green left behind.  Some say this is unnatural, that it never happened during pre-European settlement times, and we should intervene – with thinning, logging, and fire […]