Yarnell Hill Fire – three published articles

As I wrote previously, the articles about Yarnell Hill are coming out.

This fire and its fatalities are still fresh on a lot of people’s minds and they want answers.  Articles like “Line of Fire: What Happened at Yarnell Hill?” from Popular Mechanics Magazine and The Last Battle of the Granite Mountain Hotshots” from Men’s Journal are two recent ones.  The article from Outside Magazine, “19: The True Story of the Yarnell Hill Fire” has probably received the most attention of the three mentioned, though you can be sure when author John N. Maclean writes his book about Yarnell, it will be heads and shoulders above these and any other articles that may be published in the near future.  After all, Maclean is the Bob Woodward of American wildland fire.

Please note that all of the articles linked are very lengthy, but well worth your time.

From Outside Magazine:

One at a time they came face-to-face with a fire that had just burned a seemingly impossible four miles in about 20 minutes. Each of them would have known what it meant. There was no exit…

Finally, Eric radioed air attack, his back to the superheated wind. “Our escape route has been cut off. The Granite Mountain hotshots are deploying their fire shelters.”


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