New page – Plant Labs

I have published a new page of resources – a brief listing of academic plant labs – for those wishing to expand their knowledge.  The research produced in the various labs across the world are excellent and well-worth the time taken to read the results.

The page is available here:

Plant of the Month – Allium Coryi

Note: As time allows, I will do a “Plant of the Month” feature on this blog.  Expect most plants to be photographed and described as seen in Texas.  Other possible locations will be New Mexico and Oklahoma.  Even then, other locales aren’t ruled out in the event of travel.

Yellow-flowered Onion (Allium Coryi), a wild onion species endemic to the mountains of the Trans-Pecos region of Far West Texas, is the only known yellow-flowered Allium species in the United States.  Its habitat is rocky slopes of mountains and rocky plains in between valleys at elevations of 2,500′ to 4,500′.  Yellow-flowered Onion begins flowering in April and lasts through early to mid-May. Continue reading

Prairie Reconstruction – Addendum

Addendum to “An Attempt at Prairie Reconstruction”

While a typical prairie reconstruction in tallgrass regions generally involves more or less a hands-off approach for the first few years, followed by a burn during the 3rd or 4th year, I took the unconventional route of mowing the second year prairie down to bare soil just before greenup. Continue reading

An Attempt at Prairie Reconstruction

As a backyard prairie begins its second birthday, I anxiously await warming soil temperatures that will signal the growth of what has established and what arrives and germinates in the bare inter-spaces first. I have hope against the dreaded invasive Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon), as its runners have thinned severely and rooted less along the total length of the stolons in the young prairie’s germinal empire. Continue reading