2014 TX/SW SER Conference: Presentations and Thoughts

The Texas Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration has made available the presentations from the 2014 joint conference (TXSER and SW Chapter).  They can be found here.  Be aware that some of these PDF files are large and may take awhile to load.  There are also many photos from the conference on the TXSER Facebook page.  The conference was a great success, with 105+ people forming new professional relationships, strengthening the old ones, and demonstrating through presentations, field trips, and talks that the work restorationists do does matter. Continue reading

Up the Hill

In the northwest corner of Brewster County, a six hundred acre terrestrial behemoth of the southern Davis Mountains rises some 500 feet up out of the aeons old semi-desert basin, creating a sentinel landmark for travelers, a place of hiking and botanical explorations, wildlife viewing, and scenic ogling. Continue reading

If Only

If only people stopped religiously practicing overgrazing or continuous improper grazing – a tradition that’s been around for some 300+ years (Dyksterhuis 1972) – especially grazing at all costs just to “pay the land taxes”, which is no excuse at all though widely used.  There are wildlife tax exemptions available which lead to a higher land value than land that is used solely for cattle production. Continue reading